agROBOfood Services

agROBOfood is an EU funded project aiming to build a European ecosystem for the effective adoption of robotic technologies in the agri-food sector, which in turn will become more efficient and competitive. The heart of the project is formed by Innovation Experiments, organized and monitored by Digital Innovation Hubs, in 7 Regional Clusters. agROBOfood already connects the world of Robotics and Agriculture, R&D and business by establishing a sustainable network of Digital Innovation Hubs.

The current document is cataloguing the business, ecosystem and technology services that can be provided from agROBOfood partners to SMEs involved in the deployment of robotics for the the agri-food sector in Europe. Those high added value services aim to help companies (in particular SMEs) of the sector to accelerate the implementation of robotic technologies.

SMEs can choose among the services available, but if they cannot find what they are looking for, they can also request other services, not currently included in the catalogue. Those new requests will be evaluated and accommodated if possible. The aim is to regularly enrich the catalogue with new services stemming from the needs of SMEs.

You can quickly browse through the different categories of services from the side menu or download the full agROBOfood Service Catalogue here.

Looking for new sources of funding?
Do you want to find out about new public funding opportunities based on your specific needs?
agROBOfood “Finding public funding opportunities” service is here to help!

Looking for new sources of funding?
Do you want to find out about new public funding opportunities based on your specific needs?
agROBOfood “Finding private funding opportunities” service is here to help.

Move your business forward, with the help of experienced mentors and coaches from the agROBOfood Network!
Get in touch with experts from different industries to help you get the ball rolling!

What is your innovation potential?
Can you quickly assess & test ideas?
Is it time to re-think the Business Model of your company?
Would you like to generate new revenue?
Get support from agROBOfood & benefit from individualised business model innovation strategic sessions.

Do you have weak points in your business plan?
Is there any area that needs to be assessed in detail?
With this service, you can receive specialised support to develop specific parts of your business plan (marketing, commercial strategy, financial plan….).

Could your company benefit more from the latest digital technologies?
Can you make the most of the data you generate?
Get specialised support to develop a digitalisation strategy for your company that will support your future growth.

You have a good idea of your market, but want more details to better understand trends, competitors & clients?
If that's the case or you need an initial market assessment (i.e. new country) agROBOfood can support, you.

Do you have a project idea?
Do you need the right partners for this idea to become a reality?
The agROBOfood network is here to help!

You want to know which are the best ways to protect your Intellectual Property (IP)?
Are you considering launching a new product and you are not sure if and how you can protect yourself?
Discover how, through our IPR Support Service.

Your company develops robotic applications for the agri-food domain?
Looking for ways to show case your new application to potential new clients or to co-partners for further development?
Ask your agROBOfood DIH to show case your "Success Story" or "New Idea"!

Looking for a new business partner in Europe or another company with specific expertise to collaborate in developing a new product?
Contact your local agROBOfood DIH and it will help you to find it.

You are planning to or already developing a robotic solution and need expert's help to make some decisions?
Then this is the right service for you.

Your company wants to tackle a technical challenge you cannot solve on your own?
In the robotics community many groups exist that work together to solve problems. We can help you either join a group or find partners to help you.

You are building a robot system for automating a process?
Find out which steps can be easily automated using robotics and which steps are complicated and more expensive to automate.
Focus on the essential parts of automation and avoid making mistakes.

You have an idea for a new robot or automation solution, but do not know how to realise it?
Use this service to leverage the expert knowledge of agROBOfood network to develop a technology concept for your envisioned product or process.

You have a technology concept that will enable automation of a process in the agri-food domain?
You want to make sure it works by testing the concept or parts in a laboratory environment?
agROBOfood can help you with testing.

You are starting a complex R&D project in the agri-food domain & want first class project management?
We provide seasoned project managers, that have been working in agri-food robotics projects & can train & provide specialised support to your team.

Outsourcing R&D activities can be beneficial.
If you are an SME & looking to develop a new technology product for agri-food robotics, then agROBOfood can help you. Our experts can execute R&D tasks for you in high quality and on short notice.

You want to test your prototype or technical concept in a laboratory environment, but do not have access to such a laboratory?
agROBOfood can help you get access.

You are an SME and want to know if your product works in the relevant environment, but you don't have access to testing facilities such as a test fields with specific crops or similar?
This is the right agROBOfood service for you.

You need to specific technical equipment that is too expensive for you to buy?
We can provide certain equipment for you in our labs.

You have a technical concept and want to build it?
We can help you with that.

You want to know if your concept works?
We can help you find out.

You want to know how your product performs compared to competitors?
We will help you find out.

You want to know how you can make your product conformant with existing health and safety standards?
Then this is the right service for you.

You are looking to qualify your product for a certain application?
We provide the operational environment and the necessary know-how to qualify your application.

You are an organisation with an interesting product?
You want to demonstrate its capabilities in a specified environment?
Then this agROBOfood service is for you!