Robotics in Horticulture

The Robotics in Horticulture 2021 is a webinar organized by the La Trobe University and Innovation Precinct together with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO). Digital technologies in the agri-food sector are able to help farmers increase productivity and reduce waste, through robotic systems in harvest and postharvest operations!

In this webinar, the presenters will elaborate on the progress of robotics in agriculture and how farmers, companies and researchers are using artificial intelligence technologies to horticulture production.

During this 1-hour session, attendees will be able to watch how robotics are being used in practice when it comes to horticulture and gain more insights about Australia’s commercialization for robotic innovations!

You can view more information regarding the event and register through Eventbrite’s online form below!

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    7 October, 2021
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