Currently, farmers throughout Europe use approximately 380.000 tons of the pesticides to grow the crops every year. Such amount significantly harms the environment and worsens the quality of the crops as such. Therefore, new solutions to limit the use of pesticides must be addressed urgently. That's why we develop NEWMAN as a new generation of weeding robotics equipped with artificial intelligence. Our system is capable of intra-row weeding even at the earliest stages of the crop growth (a few weeks after crop germination). Adopting our smart robotic weeders equipped with artificial intelligence for non-chemical weed control, NEWMAN (Non-chEmical Weeding MAchiNe), the farmers' will Increase their profit providing high quality food to the consumers.

The ultimate goal of NEWMAN is to demonstrate a version of our finalized product and describe our value proposition to the potential customers, such as: organic farmers or conventional farmers looking into agricultural processes with lower environmental impact and agricultural machinery producers.

Start Date: December 2020
Duration: 17 months
Contact Person: Mr. Martin Ullmann