H3O-SpotOn demonstrates how robotics paired with satellite navigation and artificial intelligence (IA) can reduce the amount of pesticides used in orchards, and vineyards by up to 50% in line with the EU’s Green Deal,theFarm to Fork strategy, and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Knowing that pesticide costs per standard sprayer per year are easily in excess of 35000€, this corresponds to annual savings of 17500€ in pesticides alone. Further, nearly 380 M kg of pesticides were used in the EU in 2019. Accounting only for the 6.6% of permanent crops, and counting that H3O-SpotOn sparks competitors’ follow-up effects, around 12.5 M kg of pesticides would be saved per year if spot spraying becomes the norm. In short: Healthy Crop, Healthy Environment, Healthy Farmers’ Finances through Optimized SpotOn Spraying Robotics (H3O-SpotOn) swiftly and sustainably pays back to farmers, consumers, and the environment.

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Start Date: December 2020
Duration: 17 months
Contact Person: Mrs. Ekaterina Ukhandeeva