ACROCrop will create, for a real-world environment, a Robotics based solution for protection of crops against Frost Losses which present one of the major crop loss root causes for open-air permanent crop farms. While the Frosts are generally considered as “force majeure” in farm operations, they occur to different extent in most growing seasons, leading to considerable crop losses. Methods for frost control exist and include helicopters flying over the crops to mix air in different layers, which is not environmentally and economically viable for farms in Europe.

ACROCrop is integrating components and piloting a close-to-market solution that uses gasoline-powered, autonomous helicopter drones in combination with IoT sensors and a complete software service support, to provide a revolutionary technological solution for offering a Frost Protection Service as well as general Crop Scouting service, which is going to be piloted and evaluated in practice within the Experiment.

Start Date: December 2020
Duration: 17 months
Contact Person: Mr. Juan Perrela Clavería