Project Newsletter #27

November 2022

The THRIVE | Shell Climate-Smart Agriculture Challenge aims to identify and support top start-up and scale-up innovators who are driving the global transformation to climate-smart agriculture practices. 

The key goal of the challenge is to identify and promote innovations that help farmers to:
ENHANCE LAND Solutions that promote carbon sequestration and avoid emissions while improving soil health,
CONNECT FARMS Solutions to improve farm connectivity to access carbon markets and carbon financing,
MEASURE SOIL Solutions that measure and quantify soil carbon, soil health, and greenhouse gas emissions.

More information can be found here. Application Deadline: 11 December 2022

Rockstart AgriFood is ideal for early stage stage startups who can show signs of traction and who aspire to take a structured approach towards scaling the business. Rockstart offers purpose-driven founders the opportunity to join a global community of mentors, investors and peers, an initial investment and potential co-investment from Rockstart up to Series B. Learn more here.

StartLife Accelerate is the #1 acceleration program for Foodtech & Agtech startups to validate customer segments, raise funding and access leading corporates and investors in the industry. The best trainers, entrepreneurs, and Wageningen University & Research experts offer you the resources you need to scale up your company. This is a 12-week program that can be attended (almost) fully online, though we also provide opportunities to join sessions in person. Interested? Make sure to apply by 2 January, 2023!

The GROW Impact Accelerator, backed by AgFunder, drives this transformation by supercharging the growth of emerging foodtech and agtech startups tackling the world’s biggest challenges of sustainability. Successful companies receive USD$100K investment from AgFunder and in-kind programme benefits, including a 20-weeks accelerator programme that refines your business model for global growth and plugs you into the AgFunder & GROW network. Ready to transform our food system? Apply here.