Project Newsletter #26

October 2022

EIT-Food is looking for projects that will put new products on the market, introduce new & improved commercial processes and services, and achieve: (i) Healthier lives through food, (ii) Net zero food system, (iii) Fully transparent, fair and resilient food system. If you have an idea in sustainable agriculture/aquaculture, protein-based food, targeted nutrition or digital traceability, check it out here. Application Deadline: 14 October 2022

In this 3rd Call, with a total budget of 1.080K €, EUHubs4Data wants to select and finance 18 innovative experiments carried out by SMEs and entrepreneurs, making full use of the potential of the EUHubs4Data datasets and data driven services catalogue. What is in it for you? (i) Access to the latest developments on Data Analytics and advanced assets on Big Data, (ii) Technical & business coaching and continuous follow-up support by Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) valued up to 70.000€ per experiment, (iii) 60,000€ financial support, (iv) Visibility and promotion, (v) Exploitation plan. For more information, click here. Application Deadline: 9 November 2022

The third and last Open Call for Focused Technology Transfer Experiments (FTTE) is now open! 4 more FTTE proposals that involve technology transfer focusing on Customized Low-Energy Computing (CLEC) for Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) and the Internet of Things (IoT) will be funded with up to 80,000 € (lump sum) each. FTTEs are novel short-term (9 months) experiments that target the formation of cross-border synergies aiming to accelerate product orient projects towards successful commercialization. Areas of application/ Domains: Digitized agriculture, Digitized transport, Digitized environment, Digitized everything, More information is available here. Application Deadline: 15 October 2022

Keep an eye out for new Horizon Europe calls later this year here.

The 2023-24 calls are scheduled to open in December 2022.