Project Newsletter #22

April 2022

Spring is here at last and as long as flowers bloom, so will new beginnings. Let it spread within our lives and fill the world with hope and joyful expectations!

In this issue, Matteo Cianchetti, the SoftGrip H2020 coordinator, is sharing project insights on the new robotic system being implemented that could revolutionise the harvesting of delicate produce. “Project news’ remind you agROBOfood annual event: “From Vision to Action: Robotics Innovations in Agri-Food”.

Check out the latest news on robotics 'On our radar' and tune to ‘agROBOfood TV’. Don’t miss out on the ‘Funding opportunities in agriculture and robotics' and the HyFlexyBot robotic solution for food producers presented at ‘In focus’. Discover a selection of high impact 'Forthcoming events' and don’t forget to 'Write to us'.