Project Newsletter #22

April 2022


Food safety is a priority for food producers. Therefore, food manufacturers must prioritize measures to avoid contamination of their products. The HyFlexyBot robotic solution can play a vital role in ensuring quality and safety of food products, covering the end-users needs related to the logistic aspects, in terms of picking, packing and palletizing of the products.

The HyFlexyBot project aims to design, implement and demonstrate the effectiveness of a pioneering concept of fully integrated Autonomous Mobile Manipulation Robot (AMMR), combining an autonomous robotic arm with an autonomous mobile robot (AMR), for a full non-contaminating production and palletisation food process.

Morover, the current global situation with the COVID-19 raised the attention on the need to protect more the agri-food production lines from possible contaminations. The HyFlexyBot AMMR represents a perfect solution to handle food in a clean environment and increase the safety of the final consumer, preserving hygiene and avoiding contamination by workers.

Start date: May 2021
Duration: 17 months

Contact person: Dr. Fabio Rossi