Project Newsletter #20

February 2022


LitterBot is a commercial agribot system to monitor and physically manage poultry litter through management actions like litter aeration and spraying neutralising agents.

This project adapts and evolves our existing in-shed feasibility ‘ammonia-sniffing’ agribot called FLOX-bot built on the open-source, award-winning Leo Rover (previously Turtle Rover) into a robotic litter cleaning system that will be piloted in live, commercial poultry sheds during this AgROBOfood project.

It combines these litter management abilities with a litter quality algorithm (LQ-AI) built on top of our existing ‘NetFLOX’ machine-vision algorithms ​to detect and localise litter requiring management in the shed while avoiding disturbing the birds. The system knows where the robot has to go to improve litter quality, and will take appropriate cleaning actions while using on-board sensors to capture ammonia levels in the relevant areas – creating a virtuous feedback loop to better understand and manage emissions.

Start date: May 2021

Duration: 17 months

Contact person: Mr. Imtiaz Shams