Project Newsletter #16

October 2021

Project news

Paper released

The paper “European Robotics in agri-food Production: Opportunities and Challenges” was produced by agROBOfood and EU-Robotics. Kees Lokhorst and Erik Pekkeriet, together with Slawomir Sander, Eldert van Henten and Thilo Steckel, provide a vision on what robotics should contribute and how to facilitate the transition to a more sustainable agri-food production. Further info here.

General guide on potential funding opportunities

This Guide will provide a comprehensive overview
of the financing options available to AgROBOfood beneficiaries, including practical tips
on where and how to access funding.
Stay tuned!

agROBOfood deliverables
recently published

D2.1 Plan for business service delivery [download]

D4.3 Report on best practices and added value of internalized services [download]