Project Newsletter #16

October 2021

Funding Opportunities in agriculture and robotics


This Guide will provide a comprehensive overview of the financing options available
to AgROBOfood beneficiaries, including practical tips on where and how to access funding.

SMART4ALL: Cross-domain Technology Transfer Experiments (CTTE)

Don’t miss this Open Call on complex multidisciplinary transfers and productization of novel CLEC CPS and the IoT technologies to wider markets! Expected duration: short-term (9 months), Scheme: 3 entities from at least two different EU Countries (at least one SME; the experiment should be led by the SME), Budget: up to 80,000€ to cover staff, travel and equipment. Each experiment will be supported with novel coaching services from world lead experts in ethics, technology, funding and business development. Find out more here.

EIT Food Impact Fund - Access2Finance

EIT Food Impact Fund provides financial and company support to high impact and high growth potential startups and scaleups, to help them realize their economic and societal impact objectives. Under the EIT Food Impact Fund, Access to Finance (A2F) can provide funding up to 300,000€ per venture to implement highly innovative-associated projects. In addition to the investment scheme, A2F offers to those selected candidates’ access to the EIT Food Investors community and fast-track 1:1 investor meetings, coaching and scale-up support. 

FoodSparks is an early-stage investment fund for European agri-food startups collaborating with EIT Food, which targets startups mainly at the ACCELERATE development stage. Check out further information here.

Eurostars is open for your project applications!

Eurostars is a funding instrument that supports innovative SMEs and project partners (large  companies, universities, research organisations and other types of organisations) by funding international collaborative R&D and innovation projects. By participating, organisations from 37 countries can access public funding for international collaborative R&D projects in all fields. You can submit your R&D and innovation project application between 2 September and 4 November 2021 at 14:00 CET.

Your project consortium must have an innovative SME in the leading role. Find out more here.

Good Food Institute (GFI) - Alternative protein research grants

GFI funds research that addresses scientific or technological challenges in the alternative protein industry. This Request For Proposals (RFP) seeks research proposals that need a small amount of funding to develop proof-of-concept, but could potentially lead to big breakthroughs in the science behind alternative proteins. Projects may focus on a specific end-use application or the development of novel ingredients, methods, tools, and/or technologies. 

Applications submitted from any sector (academia, government, industry, nonprofits, etc.) and from around the world will be considered. Proposals should include research goals that can be achieved in six months or less from the funding start date. Total budgets should be less than or equal to 50,000$. More information about GFI funding opportunities is available here.

Funding available to build a network to research sustainable agri-food for net zero

ONLY for UK-based organisations!
UKRI aims to establish a Network Plus around the challenge of transitioning the agri-food sector to net-zero. The network will convene an interdisciplinary, multi-stakeholder community and provide dedicated support for feasibility projects.
The projects will explore how sectoral transformation can be most effectively catalysed. The funding will generate evidence to support strategies to sustainably reduce or mitigate greenhouse gas emissions from the agri-food sector. 

The Network Plus will also consider how UK agri-food systems can adapt to become more resilient to climate change and the resulting environmental impacts, including biodiversity loss, changes in land use, and ecosystem services. Apply by 20 October 2021. Read more here.