Project Newsletter #14

July 2021

Funded projects of the Open Call 1 for innovation experiments


Dahlia Robotics GmbH, and organic farmers Biotop Oberland e.G. and Franziska und Johannes Blind GbR participate as a consortium in the agROBOfood Innovation Experiment to further develop, test and bring to market Dahlia Robotics’ Multi-row Modular Robotic Weed Remover (“MM-ROWER”). This modular concept focuses on mechanical intra-row weed removal through a solar-powered autonomous platform which uses AI-based on-board image processing to segment a video stream into crops vs. weeds on pixel-level.

The proposed solution is designed to ensure a high weeding efficiency by targeting weeds that grow close around the crop plants, as they are those which can affect yields the most, and by ensuring that accidental crop damage is minimised.

In addition to lowering the cost of weed removal, this technological solution is expected to offer in the future pest and disease, stress, lack of nutrients early warning system, as well as yield estimation and phenotyping functionality.

Contact Person: Torsten Steiner