Project Newsletter #12

May 2021


Dear agROBOfood friends,

First, we are happy to announce the winners of the agROBOfood Open Call for Industrial Challenges, out of 61 applications we received from 24 countries. In alphabetical order the winners are:

  • Automating Crop Load Management in Apple Orchards - TOMMIE - Aigritec s.r.l, Italy, Challenge 1 - Optimized Spraying
  • Automato Robot - A. H. R. - Automato Robotics,Israel, Challenge 4 - Robots for Harvesting
  • Autonomous viticulture robotics - Farmer JoeBot - RPerception, Israel, Challenge 1 - Optimized Spraying
  • BioSpray - Enabling organic pesticides in agriculture through ultra-high resolution spot spraying on robotics machines - ecoRobotix SA, Switzerland, Challenge 1 - Optimized Spraying
  • FLOX LitterBot: Poultry Robotics to improve Bird Welfare and performance through improved Litter Management - FLOX Sp. z.o.o, Poland, Challenge 5, Robots for Cleaning
  • GreenSprayer - Autonomous robotic system for early disease and insect detection aiming for targeted 3D spraying of identified infested plants at greenhouse environment - IKH SA, Greece, Challenge 1, Optimized Spraying
  • Hygenic Flexible Robot - HyFlexyBot - Automationware srl, Italy, Challenge 2, Robots in the fresh and processed food industry
  • Implementation of a fleet of human-aware robots for the food processing industry - SCaFo - PAL Robotics sl, Spain, Challenge 2, Robots in the fresh and processed food industry
  • Quality Assurance for Lean Production of Spot Spraying Robots - qualiSpot - Ambimetrics sl, Spain, Challenge 1, Optimized Spraying

In this issue we are hosting an interview of Dr Christoph Hellmann Santos (Fraunhofer IPA) discussing on an open reference software architecture for robot systems in agriculture.

We are also introducing a new section of the newsletter dedicated to Funding Opportunities, for which we will be providing relevant info during the whole course of the project.

The “In Focus” column presents another funded project, the AGROCrop, of the first Open call for Innovation Experiments. Do not miss a rich content in both the “On our radar” and “agROBOfood TV” columns and keep in mind that the 2nd Open Call for Innovation Experiments is still open for applications until the 31st of May.

Enjoy reading!

for being part of the agROBOfood community!