qualiSpot demonstrates how optimized spraying leads to improved environmental conditions due to significant inherent pesticide savings. The predecessor project FieldCompanion allowed AMBI together with its partners to construct spot spray components at TRL6. To allow successful international market rollout, the spot spray components delivered by AMBI to machinery manufacturers, have to meet very tight quality standards and have to be backward compatible with the fleets of machines already deployed across the Globe. qualiSpot, hence, not primarily develops new technology but drives quality and market maturity of existing components to, in the sequel, generate global market impact. As such, qualiSpot builds quality into every step from design, manufacturing, and service delivery. This helps to complete AMBI’s transition from a pure engineering service company to an agile, scalable producer of AG robotics components, with growing market access, turnover, and profits.

In the quest for a sustainable future where “nobody is left behind”, qualiSpot is also fully aligned with the EU’s Green Deal, the Biodiversity and the Farm to Fork Strategy, as well as the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, for a sustainable future where “nobody is left behind”.

Start Date: May 2021
Duration: 17 months
Contact Person: Mr. Christian Rodríguez Núñez Daniel