Farmer JoeBot

Farmer JoeBot brings to the market an exceptionally competitive autonomous robotic vehicle for precision viticulture, addressing Challenge 1 - Robots for spot spraying of the agROBOfood Open Call for industrial challenges.

Farmer JoeBot expands on the typical autonomous monitoring concept and aims to provide a solution that combines treatment-centric monitoring with site-specific spraying, targeting major grapevine stressors. Farmer JoeBot is built to address operations in rough and anomalous terrains and steep slopes in Eastern Europe and Mediterranean areas, where GPS signal is not always available or reliable. Furthermore, the solution provides web-based display of high-res imagery with stress analysis results of the vineyard and crop health on the map, to anyone with access permissions, anywhere.

Start Date: May 2021
Duration: 17 months
Contact Person: Mr. Yoav Banitt