Automato Robot - A.H.R

Following the international labour crisis in agriculture and the growing demand for food, we decided to build the future workforce for the multiple agricultural tasks by developing affordable robots for every farmer. Our first robot is an affordable robot for harvesting single tomatoes in passive greenhouses. This robot will form the basis for complementary capabilities for harvesting additional types of tomatoes in a variety of environments and will later serve as the infrastructure for the development of a variety of robotic applications to perform additional tasks on additional crops.

This project will be based on the existing Automato Robot which was tested in Israeli greenhouses. The project will include the development of complementary capabilities to enable the successful execution of commercial experiments in our main target market – Spain, in order to comply with the selected industrial challenge and its consequences. These pilots will be followed by the products dissemination activities.

Start Date: May 2021
Duration: 17 months
Contact Person: Mr. Dror Erez