Cultivating the AgriFuture

Cultivating the AgriFuture - Agricultural UAV | 3-4 November | Izmir, Turkey

The agROBOfood network of Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) supports companies to introduce new robotic technologies into the agri-food sector. DIHs ensure that companies in their region (in total there are 7 regions across Europe) have access to expert's advice  regarding Technology, Business and Ecosystem Services. Read more about the East Med Regional Cluster and the regions it supports here. 

This International Symposion is co-organised by two DIHs of the agROBOfood's East Med Regional Cluster, namely the EGE University and the Agricultural University of Athens.

Agriculture is now,

and it's always been

the basis of civilization.


The International Symposium “Cultivating the AgriFuture, Agricultural UAV” is going to

take place in Izmir, Turkey, on 3-4/11/2022.

It is organized by the EGE University

and the Agricultural University of Athens, in the context of agROBOfood H2020 project and the

Regional Cluster of East Mediterranean Europe.


Given that our past, our present and our future all depend on agriculture, it is important to cultivate the conditions that pave the way for a sustainable agri-food future.

Agriculture impacts society in many ways, including: supporting livelihoods through food, habitat, and jobs; providing raw materials for food and other products; and building strong economies through trade. 

How can we make the future of agriculture better? If we harness the power of technology and use it in combination with the knowledge we have from the previous years to prevent soil erosion and minimise the environmental footprint of  agricultural practices. 


One of the most promising technologies revolutionizing agriculture are UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles).

They capture field data (using sensors and cameras), and allow farmers to apply agricultural inputs, such as pesticides and nutrients, efficiently

Data driven agriculture helps define spatial and temporal deviation in the field with precision.
Moreover, it facilitates management operations optimization and boosts sustainable production.

An operation that is currently proving to be extremely impactful in favor of sustainable food production and the environment, is UAV spraying.

There are several positive impacts, to name a few: decreasing the volume of water used, minimizing soil compaction caused by field traffic, decreasing yield lost due to tractor and sprayer, avoiding depreciation and fuel consumption of tractor and sprayer, and minimizing personal chemical contact during the operation.


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