AgROBOfood: Live Demos of Innovation Experiments

agROBOfood live demos

The agROBOfood network is created to strengthen the European ecosystem and accelerate the uptake of robotic technologies in the agri-food sector, to make it more efficient and competitive. 

The network has already shown its dynamic and unique ability to bring the robotics and agri-food communities togeether in order to cooperate and find the best solutions for the future of agriculture. 

Join the #agrofoodrobotics team from Wageningen University and Research in our upcoming free online showcase of 3 agROBOfood Innovation Experiments to see the network in action and discover 3 of its Innovation Experiments. 

What is an Innovation Experiment?

An Innovation Experiment (IE) is a method used to
i) Refine technologies so they better meet the needs of end users; and
ii) Demonstrate the benefits of robotics solutions in order to encourage their adoption.

IEs also help to test and enhance network and service quality. These experiments do not involve research, but rather demonstrate the practical application and value of the technology from the perspective of the end user. This includes the use of the technology in real-world scenarios, the ecosystem and business services that support it, as well as custom training in the technology.

What are the IEs demonstrated?
The following 3 Innovation Experiments will be demonstrated:

I-Catch: automating the control of Tuta absoluta in tomatoes by PATS
The first robot for autonomous management of bulk-stored cereal grains by Crover ltd. & Agri-EPI Centre
Automated guided vehicles for greenhouse robotics by Saia Agrobotic

Save the Date!
Thursday 16 February 2023 13:00 to 15:00 CET
Target audience: SMEs, Agri-food Industries, Robotics engineers

How to Participate?
Follow the link to register  here